Dimension to Freedom


Entry to Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte – Braga, Portugal, December, 2015.

With Geert Vermeire. 

All she wants is to run through the mountains, crossing them by narrow trails that makes she samples the freedom of her soul;

Freedom from the hard stone, from the cold and pain, that imprison, that make she longs for what has been forgotten, that make she feels a great desire to be, to dive in an inaccessible sea, but a quiet place;

She reaches the peak of the mountain where it ends only part of the way;

The path is her own life. The lives in layers of time. Endless paths, many stairs, walls, concrete, ground, sculptures, trees, lake and grass;

When the solid transmutes to the subtle, floats, as in clouds, the fog that covers what there is in her nose span;

All she wants is her running likening it with the life. Life and death. Dead to the world. Live for the eternal at “Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte”.

Click below to view the route by GPS:



About Ana Villas Boas

I’m an urban sociologist and runner based in São Paulo, Brasil, focused on studies about body movement, landscapes, sounds, silence and senses. My current work has been on cultural heritage and preservation studies and I’m also yoga teacher, certified by Kundalini Research Institute.
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  2. Very good with the Garmin link!


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