Text inspired by Chris Lynn film

At the same time she was so close these landscapes with a feeling that she couldn’t know what was. But now she knows. It was a feeling around of the cold, the field, the road, the trails, the trees, the sea. A feeling around that warm house where she lived, with so similar window curtain of her bedroom, with so similar lights in the morning. Those statues which resemble the tombstones of the cemetery so close of her. The coffee served with so care in the daily life. The garden, the flowers with the winter colours, the subtle forms in the wall, reflex in the glass. A feeling of a fullness that guided her to the most distant path by running. A feeling which brought to her the most beautiful meaning of her existence, amid the slow time of that place. A feeling of softly. A feeling of lightness. A feeling of silence.


About Ana Villas Boas

I’m an urban sociologist and runner based in São Paulo, Brasil, focused on studies about body movement, landscapes, sounds, silence and senses. My current work has been on cultural heritage and preservation studies and I’m also yoga teacher, certified by Kundalini Research Institute.
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