About Flow, Senses, Writing – part III


Come with me to fly, to free the body in the air, to surrender and smile.
Let’s move our bodies, touch the flowers, the trees and rocks.
Let’s dive in the big blue water dreams!
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, just listen…
Feet on the ground and the fingers catching up the stars!
When we let the reason imperator is go away,
we rescued the blowing of joy, of wonder, of an aspiration to be…
only to be… self-sufficient.
Because it is the only way that we can be in whole to the other…
I mean… to be. I want to be myself. Always. I am.


About Ana Villas Boas

I’m an urban sociologist and runner based in São Paulo, Brasil, focused on studies about body movement, landscapes, sounds, silence and senses. My current work has been on cultural heritage and preservation studies and I’m also yoga teacher, certified by Kundalini Research Institute.
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