About Flow, Senses, Writing – part IV


Flying between France and Spain. Photo by Ana Villas Boas. April, 2017.

“Everything that you see needs to destroy of the attempt to define yourself. Every definitions only talk about your body and expressions”

I am that – Sri Nisagadatta Maharaj

The mainly issue on my writing is about body movement and senses. The flow of this movement brings to me a profusion of ideas and insights around the the sensations and beyond of them when the transcendence happens; when the material world is crossed and conquered; when there is an experience with the divine which I am. Which each of us is.

The way is through the dense body. I need to know this body, this temple, this vehicle to arrive anywhere in this material world. The limits of this body. However, it is necessary to treat this body with love, with respect and reverence. Then, the body movement is a need.

Our bodies are to be in movement, discovering the flow of everything, sensing the air, touching the ground, smelling the flowers, tasting the fruits, seeing beyond the seemed world, listening the gods!

Everything flows and to be in resonance with this beauty is to be in genuine communication with the Cosmos. It is simply one vibration. Then, a path to genuine freedom.


About Ana Villas Boas

I’m an urban sociologist and runner based in São Paulo, Brasil, focused on studies about body movement, landscapes, sounds, silence and senses. My current work has been on cultural heritage and preservation studies and I’m also yoga teacher, certified by Kundalini Research Institute.
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