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About Flow, Senses, Writing – part II

Art by Darcy Villas Boas – “It is of the essence of life that it does not begin here or end there, or connect a point of origin with a final destination, but rather that it keeps on going, finding … Continue reading

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The Senses Path

Poem inspired by Isabelle Clermont’s art. the existence’s sensations experiences nuances feelings, madness duality, doubts, passion … equilibrist, fine silk thread weaved mesh delicate hands resonants touchs in a composition for piano … heat boiler burns the skin unties … Continue reading

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Reverie – Ipolit Strambu, 1919. Listen to the beating Touch the glass Breath in the water The sound, the bell. Feel the taste of rain On full moon in brightness Unroll the snake Creative spiral. Raise the energy In body … Continue reading

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Meeting Abroad

The “Farolim de Felgueiras”, on the right bank of the River Douro encountering the sea. Porto, Portugal. Photo by Antonio Pereira, 2015. At the first time I saw that dear friend of decades of letters, from so many Madredeus, drawings, poems, … Continue reading

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Photo by Ana Villas Boas. Ghent, Belgium: winter, 2015. Leaves scattered on the square: [under feet under tire brands under children’s play under severe climatic conditions under his contemplation with a mind that shines]. The falling leaf Fallen leaf The … Continue reading

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Athens II

Poem inspired by Lynlee’s sound: Walking around an ancient city into layers of sounds and time. A mix of alive people with divinities everywhere. A breath: sublime arise.

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Senses under Prisms

Text deeply inspired by Chris Lynn’s film and sounds – unique version. Time space movement permanent. Mountain forest sky wind clouds lake light. Silence noise sounds. Freedom fish fishermen. Dogs children memories. Gaps black out lighting. Nothing is as before. … Continue reading

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