The air… my body falling
diving in the ocean of dreams
waves over waves of tears
dissolved in my being
which cry and smile
in intense existence
in endless desire
for the other body beside
his presence touching my fingers
of my feet
sliding his hands,
holding me
telling me beautiful stories
framing my heart
close to him
an illusion
a reality
that I wanted
to me.



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Secret Paradise

Running there, I remember that I am small, fragile, surrendered to the landscape, to the high mountains. Beneath my feet, I feel the strenght of the ground and I can listen to its deep sounds. Crossing the path, the expansion of sensory system, metamorphosis of my being, stunning and fused with all around. Rocks, green forests, blow of wind, clouds, blue sky. My existence diluted in this secret garden!

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The life’s beauty on love that changes the direction of the wind,
the movement, the blow, the flow.
The joyful’s whispering, the transformation in motion each moment,
each step.
My hands hold your warmth hands
on the field
in our room
between lights and shadows that bring together the quiet of our minds and hearts
in resonance:

≈ our sounds, our hopes, our closed eyes
enjoying the moment, that feeling which defines us, our sensing of connection
and blissful union ≈

This continuos moving, the flowing, the emotions which overflow from our chest.
The sounds inside and outside in alchemy
of dense, subtle, pure, blessing, bright path.

[We print our footsteps on the ground]

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Ad lib

Love is a bright light in deep dive in the cosmos, in a profusion of senses in moving, in flow with these sounds that resonate in my being and let me in peace…

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Bright Routes

IMG_0020Image: Chris H. Lynn – https://framingsounds.com

Eyes opened: sight to a sun that announces in the body’s water, the brightness of infinite water.

Meditation sea on heat of a day which indicates the inexorable cycle of life.

Running in the rhythm of the Earth.

Feeling on the face the wind that carries us from one side to the other touching on ground with each step.

[Colored footsteps that disappear and replace by new ones, into other routes with other colors and more].

Feeling the environment in a fusion of lives still alive, ancestral, atavistic.
The sea in sight doesn’t lie: the light shines and incites us at a dawn of day contemplation in movement.

Moving with the Earth into us.

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Running with the Earth


“Morning Spirit” by Sadao Miyamoto 

Early morning
The birds announce
The sunrise in an empty Park.

Smoothly running
Deep in the sound of inner silence.

The trees beg for silence to be possible to hear the spirits sounds…
Twigs and fallen leaves, the wind’s whispering and the water flowing from the ground between the rocks.

The life’s miracle that happens and renews itself each moment
The running feeling the feet touching the ground, listening its heart beating with intensity, alive, heat…
Present in each step
In each step, a new moment.

From moment to moment the life flows in connection with related spirits
The forest’s spirits.

Human beings wonder with the beauty in movement
From moment to moment
Shadows, trails
The blissful life cycle.

To run is to feel the life pulsates in a body movement with heart beating in balance, in the pace with the Earth.

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About Flow, Senses, Writing – part III


Come with me to fly, to free the body in the air, to surrender and smile.
Let’s move our bodies, touch the flowers, the trees and rocks.
Let’s dive in the big blue water dreams!
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, just listen…
Feet on the ground and the fingers catching up the stars!
When we let the reason imperator is go away,
we rescued the blowing of joy, of wonder, of an aspiration to be…
only to be… self-sufficient.
Because it is the only way that we can be in whole to the other…
I mean… to be. I want to be myself. Always. I am.

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