Moving Moment


On the road from São Paulo to Londrina. Photo by Ana Villas Boas, 2016.

My words are insufficient to express myself what I feel when I am in movement. Movement from moment to moment is easily expressed when the feeling of being in flow is real. It is when there are no worries and no hassles. That’s when I can take a break.

Yes, it is contradictory. The pause is necessary for me to feel what the movement gives me. The pause of daily meditation. The break after an accelerated day. The pause even in the middle of the hurricane of troubled thoughts. The pause in the quiet of dawn is easy. But the pause in the noise of one’s own mind is a challenge.

The constant movement of my body facilitates the pause of my mind. I move with increasing awareness and slowness. This brings me joy and sense of wholeness with the environment around me. Running and swimming are my daily sports practices, for example. And the practice of yoga and meditation is what connects to the constant movement from moment to moment.

So I perceive that running, walking, swimming, cleaning, cooking, working, etc., can turn into meditative practices and moments for pause, even within the often noisy movement.

This space is reserved for experiences that I have been discovering in this universe of moving with creativity, lightness, joy, consciousness.


About Ana Villas Boas

I’m an urban sociologist and runner based in São Paulo, Brasil, focused on studies about body movement, landscapes, sounds, silence and senses. My current work has been on cultural heritage and preservation studies and I’m also yoga teacher, certified by Kundalini Research Institute.
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