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The air… my body falling diving in the ocean of dreams waves over waves of tears dissolved in my being which cry and smile in intense existence in endless desire for the other body beside his presence touching my fingers … Continue reading

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About Flow, Senses, Writing – part I

Running at the Sunrise. Santo André, São Paulo. Photo by Ana Villas Boas. January, 2017. What inspires me to flow? Could be the beauty of life, the sound of the birds, the wonder of the aurora, the wind in my … Continue reading

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Walking in a Music

If love is joy … Walking with him is joy Walking in a path made of blowing winds, sounds, clouds Walking on the highest rocks, sensing the gods Walking on the water Walking in the sky, moving the sun and … Continue reading

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Subtle Moving

Feeling living. Introspection in the emptiness, in the fissure that opens. Vastness. Made of feelings. Colours, lights, shadows and sounds in the solitude of being, So so. Beauty on sad face made of fine sweet threads, weave, woof, following, next, … Continue reading

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Running with Bach

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNuLnEXHIzI&list=RDPNuLnEXHIzI   Mstislav Rostropovich – Bach Cello Suite 2 III. Courante Running in delicate steps soft jumping in tiptoe almost no air without rhythm with an inner vibration the music is present in an ascend endless! freedom of styles … Continue reading

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