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Por uma Poesia da Luz

Image: Chris H. Lynn –  www.framingsounds.com Olhos da alma bem abertos: Vejo o meu sol interno que anuncia a água do corpo, o brilho das águas dos mares, a energia da Terra. Vejo um mar meditativo sob ondas mentais diversas … Continue reading

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Moving Senses

Marseille. April, 2017. Photo by Ana Villas Boas The time has stopped over the whole body on listening to the sound of Marseille sea. Bright, seaweed, lights in a blue green waves come so close and bring foam, sand, rocks, … Continue reading

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Landscape I – the pilgrimage

La Romieu, France. Photo by Ana Villas Boas, April, 2017. Travelling beyond the alive senses in a body wind on the face… memories of another time… the ground’s sounds that vibrate and light up the pulsate life of a world … Continue reading

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The life’s beauty on love that changes the direction of the wind, the movement, the blow, the flow. The joyful’s whispering, the transformation in motion each moment, each step. My hands hold your warmth hands on the field in our … Continue reading

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Morning Run: views and sounds

In this post my aim is to show another approach on my practice of running with the use of a new app that unites some functions to describe different ways of moving. In this sense, the running became an opportunity … Continue reading

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https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/824821672 Uphill through the shadowy trails, jumping the water that passes beneath, listening the sound of the footsteps [diluted in the strength of the forest which covers the little being who seeks to breathe the air] Smelling surround, sighting the … Continue reading

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Extensive Senses

Photo: Chris H. Lynn The idea of “Moving Text” *  is on my own perception of body movement in imaginary runnings (as well other ways of movement) around the unknown landscapes. The peculiarity of this reflexion is on sensory experiences from paths taken … Continue reading

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